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Investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan - is one of the most investor-friendly emerging economies in the CIS with a relatively advanced legal framework and sustained commitment to encouraging investment.
Kyrgyzstan strongly encourages private investment, both from foreign and domestic sources. The Government has pursued a steady policy of improving the investment climate by reducing bureaucracy, streamlining the legal framework, fighting corruption and stabilizing the economy.
Being an open and neutral country Kyrgyzstan maintains amicable elations with its key economic partners, Russian Federation, China, Kazakhstan and the USA. Furthermore, Kyrgyzstan works closely with international donor agencies, such as the World Bank and the EBRD, on projects to improve business environment, infrastructure and health care.
Kyrgyzstan is notable for its stable financial sector that has weathered the financial storm. Depositary base and assets have maintained growth, while credit portfolio growth is at near standstill. Microfinance companies on the other hand are developing fast in all financial indicators. Other fast growing sectors are telecommunications, construction and the textile industry.
Kyrgyzstan is striving to improve its ranking in World Bank’s Doing business report, which is an annual report that investigates “the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it”. In the 2010 report, the Kyrgyz Republic improved it’s position up to the 41th spot, up from 80th in 2009 and from 173th in 2006, earning the second fastest reformer title. The Kyrgyz Republic is liberalizing at a steady rate, reforming to attract investments and offers a unique opportunity for interested investors in a wide variety of industries.


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